Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trucking Industry - Bend Over and Grab Your Ankles... again

We all agree that environmental conservation and even "global climate change" is a subject that warrants attention. But, depending upon who you want to believe, the pundits that say it's a hoax or the the environmental crowd that say we are doomed, the facts remain the same. Politicians are going green in their enthusiastic push to find ways to replace future falling revenues associated with fuel efficiency and alterntive fuels. Do you wonder why all the rhetoric when the phrase "carbon foot print" is thrown around? It's the latest buzz phrase that will allow politicians to push for other ways to tax energy use, and face it, the trucking industry is a big user of energy.

Let's be certain, cleaning the air, looking for alternative fuels, and working to improve fuel efficiency is important, however, when politicians get involved there can only be one result - more taxes in one form or another.

The EPA had its way with the latest technology to clean the air and the next round will create additional cost to running trucks. (We all have our opinions as to how fuel efficient the changes were in reality.) Don't fool yourself into thinking that politicians going "green" has very much to do with cleaning the air.

Get ready, that carbon foot print is going to show up on your backside real soon.