Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carbon Credits, do you have yours?

What ever you think about "climate change" one thing is for certain, we are being set up to participate in the largest re-distribution of wealth the world has ever seen.  The world's useful idiots are being programed to cry about saving the planet and create hysteria in order for this program, which has already taken roots,  to continue to grow. 

As an insider to an industry that consumes large amounts of fossil fuels, the question becomes, do you sit back and watch the big players cash in or do you do your own analysis and participate in what has become a commodity traded globally? 

The following was sent to me from Singapore: 
What is a Carbon Credit?
The Collins English Dictionary defines a carbon credit as: “a certificate showing that a government or company has paid to have a certain amount of carbon dioxide removed from the environment”

About The Carbon Credit Market:
  • Carbon credits projected growth of 111% between now and 2013
  • Global emission controls look set to tighten further and the price of carbon set to rise again
  • Now is the time to secure your carbon credits before they reach 2012 projected prices of €20 plus
  • The carbon market is currently valued at €125 billion
  • It is projected to rise to €175 billion by 2011 and €3 trillion by 2020
  • Forecast to be worth twice the oil industry within a decade
  • Fully SIPP compliant investment opportunity
  • Lower entry levels of investment compared to property
  • Potential for 30% plus annual returns

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